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4 Secrets to Retain More Customers

You need to keep updating your customer strategies to ensure that they are happy with your products & services. Everything from customer marketing with campaigns based on shopper feedback&nbs...

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5 ways to get REVENUE via outbound calling.

Despite calls to the contrary, outbound sales is far from dead. Inbound sales might be “easier,” but it won’t always bring you the right kind of customer or enough customers to increase your...

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Call Center Considerations for Business Enterprises

A large number of business enterprises are deploying their own flexible, low-cost and sophisticated call centers by taking advantage of the latest technologies. When customers call a business enterprise they re...

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Business Process Outsourcing – More a Friend Than a Foe.

Major issues have risen up over the past decade with regards to outsourcing jobs. Everyone these days have a notion that the term “outsourcing” means shipping jobs out of the country to cut down costs. Outsourc...

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What Impact Has India’s Fintech Ecosystem Created On Banking?

The advent of the fintech industry has made banking simple and straightforward.These days, AI and machine learning has influenced many aspects of financial services such as credit, underwriting, insurance and m...

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As financial services have become a much bigger percentage of the economy in the China, more interest, and capital, is being poured into improving financial services technology. Known as FinTech, there have bee...

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4 Reasons Why the Indian BPO Industry Rocks!!!

Outsourcing of various non-core services emerged as a mainstream business in the mid-1990s. Since then, the outsourcing industry, which later came to be known as business process outsourcing or BPO, has been th...

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How to outsource smart

Outsourcing is here to stay. There are various reasons why businesses may choose to outsource. Some outsource with an eye on maintaining their competitiveness through cost-effective operations. Some other busin...

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Google developing AI tech for the call centers.

In their recent Cloud Next conference held in San Francisco, Google announced that they’ve partnered with various companies in the AI, telecommunications, and cloud computing sectors to create an AI s...

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What magical 5 things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Get Right About the Customer Experience.

Each of us understands what it means to be disappointed by a poor customer experience or delighted by the employee who goes above and beyond. Given the potential upside, dumping money into the customer experien...